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Grandparents ($125)

2 Grandparents and up to 6 grandchildren

Family ($145)

2 Adults and up to 4 Children in the same household

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Family & Addl Member

Family Level plus an additional member

Family & Nanny/Caregiver

Family level with a nanny/caregiver card

Family & 2 Addl Members

NEW price starting 5/7/2012

Family Premium ($160)

2 Adults and up to 4 children in the same household plus a Buddy Pass

Family Premium & 1 Addl Member

Family Premium Level plus an additional member

Family Premium & Nanny/Caregiver

Family Premium Level with the Nanny/Caregiver Card

Family Supporter ($250)

2 Adults and children in the same houseland plus Nanny/Caregiver


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